The Company

Arredo Park is a factory that, since its foundation in 1978, focuses on the design and construction of playground equipment for playgrounds, urban furnishings and interior furnishings for schools and communities.

We build articles that end users, so children, can enjoy complete safety in compliance with current laws, so our products are certified by the authorities already in the early 90's.

Made in Italy
seriousness and

The technical standards of the industry determine a standard for the quality of products and services and, thanks to the know-how acquired from the many years of experience of our technicians, the proposed articles and their components are realized with the aim of increasing durability and the minor use of maintenance.

In the latest product ranges we have redesigned the life cycle of our projects, selected raw materials and expanded the variety following the new guidelines for minimum environmental criteria, which involve the production of products with very low environmental and ecological impact.

The will to keep a lean management and a direct customer relationship is the power to quickly decide and respond to our customers' needs at all stages we care about, including advice, sales, production, installation and maintenance.

Our connotation of Italian manufacturing company, we pursue and value it year after year, investing in: human resources capable and qualified in the administrative, technical, commercial, equipment and machinery with high technology. This allows us to progress as a steady growth reality.