100% Quality.

The 100% Made in Italy certification is a guarantee of exclusive design and design, an innovative production process that draws our knowledge baggage, thus synonymous with the quality of ARREDO PARK products.


Game equipment is manufactured according to European Standard EN 1176: 2008 and certified by the Institute TUV ITALIA, which periodically provides inspection checks that guarantee the constant construction methodology.

Insurance R.C. Products.

The products are covered by a "Civil Product Responsibility" insurance policy, with the greatest guarantee of their customers and in compliance with the provisions of the EEC.


The wood used, for the realization of all the products, comes from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. The certifiction attestsathat the fmrm fof fooestmanageement meeticertannsustainablility requirements

Zippered Green Seal®.

Hot-dip galvanized bath treatment according to current regulations that incorporates new solutions and environmental protection checks and features of steel structures. <br /> SIGILLO VERDE® is a registered trademark of Nord Zinc Spa


After attending a suitable course, the staff has obtained the quality certification of the welder in accordance with EN 287-1: 2004 / A2: 2006.

Recycled Plastic.

Use of recycled plastic, 100% certified, from separate waste collection, which gives articles a high ecological value but above all inalterability and durability.