Steel products have remarkable structural stability and are protected by weathering by hot galvanizing, which produces a protective film on all internal and external surfaces of the product. When the component is immersed in a zinc bath at 450 ° C, a layered steel and zinc alloy is created. For this reason, the zinc coating is "welded" on the surface of the steel, ie it is indissoluble, unlike other anti-corrosive treatments, such as varnishes.

Recycled plastic

Items and articles made with recycled plastic are durable in time and unbreakable by fungi and bacteria. Recycled plastic is 100% recycled from urban plastic waste, which gives the articles unalterable, while respecting the constraints imposed for environmental sustainability. These artifacts do not need any kind of maintenance.

Pine Impregnated

Nordic pine essence treated with autoclave non-toxic mineral salts, RAL certified, to protect it against mold, mushroom and marshal processes; in accordance with European standards, timber is subjected to a smoothing and bevel treatment at the edges and ends.


Sliding lanes, tile roofs, balustrades and other components are made of colored polyethylene (100% recyclable), which in contact with the user is able to dissipate and isolate it from heat. Polyethylene is enriched with Anti UV elements, which keep the color unchanged over time.

Carply panel

The tread planes are made with phenolic gluing multilayer with a synthetic rounded surface, great for outdoor use in any condition as non-slip.

Hercules String

Nets, handles, climbing ladders and climbing ropes are made of flexible steel wire with an electrowelded perlon coating, which guarantees its capacity and strength.